Downloading the App

You may download the App from the App Store.


The iHeart Locket app is compatible with iOS 4.0 and newer. iOS 5.0 and an internet connection is required to use the transcription features.


Unlocking your Diary

You may unlock your diary by simply pressing the unlock button on your Locket. Press the lock button again to close the Diary.  You may also unlock the Diary manually by tapping the lock icon on the cover and entering in your manual “Backup Code”.  Each locket is programmed with a backup code that can be found in the user menu.


If you don’t have a locket, you may alternatively “create a new diary” from the “diary manager”.  Tap on the diary cover to reveal the “diary manager”.


Photos & Notes

Use photos and notes to preserve your memories.  Tap the photo icon in the center of the photo frame to add a picture from your photos folder.  You may name the photo by tapping the area underneath the picture.  Photo frames automatically adjust from portrait to landscape mode to accommodate your image.  You may add additional photos to the page by tapping the photo icon in the photo menu.  You may replace an image by tapping it and selecting a new one from your photos folder.  You may delete the entire frame by dragging it into the trash.


Notes work similarly with the exciting addition of voice recording and transcription.  Tap the microphone at the bottom of the note to record your voice.  Tap the green arrow to playback your recording.  Recordings are also magically transcribed in the note area.  An internet connection is required for transcription.  You may edit the text at any time by tapping in the text field.  You may record over the note by tapping the recording button, or delete the note entirely by dragging into the trash.




Tap any sticker in the sticker submenu to add it to the page.  Stickers can be moved, scaled, and rotated.  Drag a sticker into the trash to delete.




You can make drawings that magically disappear and reappear by pressing the “ink” button on your iHeart Locket! In the drawing menu you can change the color of your ink by tapping the color swatch.  You may change the style of the pen tip by tapping on the tip selector.  Use the eraser as needed to correct mistakes or delete your drawing entirely by tapping the trash icon.


Once your drawing is finished, you may hide and show it by pressing the “ink” button on your locket.



Tap the paper icon to show the paper options.  Tap any given paper swatch to replace the current paper with the new one.



User Settings

Tap the user icon to show the user settings menu.  Tap the blank user icon in the center of the menu to set your user profile image.  Tap the Diary Name to name your diary.  Tap the “Backup Code” icon to see your numeric backup code.  You can use this code to access your Diary in the event that your Locket is lost or broken.  Our company does not maintain a record of these codes so please keep yours in a safe place.




If your Diary is precious, you may save a password protected backup copy to iBooks, (PDF format).  In the user settings menu tap the “Backup to iBooks” button to save.  The password to open the iBook is the same as your “backup code”.



Photo Frame

To select images for your gold frame on your iHeart Locket necklace, drag the frame icon over an image.  Tap the gold frame icon once to pull up the print menu.  This will allow you to print the images at the correct size for your locket frame.  Be sure to have adult supervision when you cut out the image.



iCloud and Backup

Your Diary is saved locally on your iPad and backed up either by Apple’s iCloud service or on your computer via iTunes.  Your iPad’s backup settings will determine which method is used.  If you delete the iHeart Locket app from your iPad, it will also delete your Diary.  You can re-download the iHeart Locket app from iTunes, but your Diary will be lost.  You can prevent accidental deletion by turning off app deletion in the user settings of your iPad.  If you Diary is precious you may save a backup copy of it to iBooks as a password protected pdf file.  The password on the file will be the same as your “backup code”.




iHeart Locket is © & TM DANO2. iPad, iCloud, and iBooks are a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the US and other countries. AppStore is a service mark of Apple Inc.


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